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Home Painting Articles Six Tips When Choosing Colors for Older Northbrook Homes

Six Tips When Choosing Colors for Older Northbrook Homes

Northbrook Exterior Painting Colors

If you have an older Northbrook home and want to choose colors other than green and white, here are some guidelines:

  1. Light colors "advance" a Northbrook home while dark colors cause it to "recede". This means that lighter shades will make your home appear larger and closer to the street, while darker shades make your home seem smaller and further away. If you want your house to blend in and be less noticeable, therefore, a darker hue is best.

  2. Light dramatically affects how colors appear to the human eye. In cooler climates the light is diffused and bold colors are intensified. In southern climates, the harsher, brighter sunlight will cause pale tints to appear washed out.

  3. If you want your Northbrook gutters and downspouts to be less noticeable, paint them the same color as the house.

  4. Make sure any mildew problems are solved before engaging in an exterior painting project. Test suspicious spots with household bleach and if they change color, you definitely have a mildew problem.

  5. Moisture problems must be eliminated before painting. If they are not, water will ruin even the best paint job.

  6. It's always possible to get expert help from an Northbrook painting contractor. This is especially desirable if you own a historical landmark and wish for it to be restored to its former appearance.