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Hot Colors For Bedroom Painting

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The hot color of bedroom produces an aura of confidence and vitality. Hot color makes a creative environment for someone who was their best ideas when comfortably propped un in bed, undisturbed and cocooned in their personal sanctuary.

Hot color in the bedroom can either be used in broad strokes for walls, curtains, and bedcovers or concentrated on focused parts of the room, perhaps contained within the bed area alone. Within these parameter, consider a style to adopt. Hot colors cry out to be used in an exotic scheme and the bedroom is the perfect place to realize this.

If your preferred looks is plush ethnic, seek out hot colors from the earthy Moroccan palette, with blue, green and pink predominating. Or the silky reds and yellows from the kaleidoscope shades of the Indian color wheel may appeal.

The Mexican tastes too, features an uninhibited mixture of hot colors that puts together yellow, red, pink, violet and blue in an unselfconscious display.

The medieval period produced some ravishing colors, seen in handpainted manuscript. These jeweled reds, purples, gold and green could be the inspirations for a baronial look, using traditional material such as purple damask, gold silk, and crimson velvet. To underline the sensual opulence, finish fabrics with theatrical tassel and fringing.

A large bed can create a disproportionately solid mass when completely covered with a bedspread of a single color. For a more decorative broken line, layer the bed linen and covers to create a transition of texture and color. Pile the different colored pillows and cushion to add textured, color, and height as well as luxury. So it's good to be hot.

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