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A Guide to Hiring a Oak Park Professional Painter to Paint Your Home

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Four to five year into your new house, you feel that the walls have lost its sheen, facing the wrath of the Sun, Wind and the Rains. However thoughtful you may be, two sides of the house may face the rays of the Morning and the Evening Sun, One wall may be soaked more than the others due to the wind taking the water to that wall. A relative is getting married and you need the house to be spruced up to receive the new bride or the groom. You need a facelift for the entire house. The reason may be different, but what you need is a professional painter to paint your home, because the occasion calls for that.

Having made the decision now you are thinking about how you can hire a professional for the job. The house builder also would have attended to the painting and after four or five years you need to really search for his card. But relax! Help is on the way, because you have several ways to hire one who knows the job well. But even before you start searching attend to some minor repair work such as a patch on the wall left by the recent plumbing work or a bathroom door to be replaced.

The best place to start for looking for a Oak Park professional painter is your neighborhood hardware store. They regularly call on them for their supplies. Little legwork, patience and visit to four or five hardware stores will help you with five six name for sure. If you really need a professional job like sponging the wall or special decorating techniques include that information also while you are on a hunt to find the right man. As an alternative you can look into some websites as well.

Let them visit your house to be painted, separately of course, to get a quote after you brief them what is to be done in each room. Clarity from each side will avoid lot of embarrassment later. A painter looking at your house may have some suggestion to you, don't overlook them as sales talk to get more money. Experience gives him the reason to suggest something to you, consider that before coming to a conclusion.

While getting a quote, make sure that each of them are giving on the same level such as area to be painted, number of coats, nature of work (one coat of primer and two coats of paint is the usual way of doing a neat job of it), time frame and the brands they will use.

Do not hesitate to contact the people where in recent paint jobs done by them. Are they happy about the job? The work was completed in time? Etc., Get enough referrals about the person you are about to give the contract in the interest of your own safety.

It is better to enter into a contract where in it is mentioned about the responsibility of the painter to clean the area like the paint on the floors and the windows and the put off the balance materials in a safe manner, in addition to the other usual terms.

It is better to bring the movable items in to the centre of each room and cover them fully with old blankets or plastic sheets. This will protect them from stains and dust; the painter will have enough moving space to do his work.

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