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Drywall Damaged? Look for These Three Common Signs

Drywall Water Damage Chicago

Drywall damage is nothing to take lightly, especially not water-damaged drywall, as that problem can lead to a host of health problems for you. After all, exposure to water-damaged drywall can bring a host of dangers into your Chicago area home or apartment.

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Structural weakening

To keep your family safe from the dangers that water-damaged drywall can bring into your Chicago home, you need to know the signs to look for so you can detect it. Once you detect any of the following signs, you don’t need to waste any time calling for a professional drywall repair:

A Musty Smell Near the Affected Area

Perhaps one of the earliest and certainly one of the most unpleasant signs that your drywall has suffered water damage will be the presence of musty odors in your Chicago home. These smells may certainly be disconcerting, as they oftentimes indicate the presence of mold growth.

If you detect musty, moldy, stale odors in certain areas of your home, then you are likely dealing with water-damaged drywall. To avoid the health hazards that this exposure can create, call for a professional drywall repair when you notice these foul odors.

Drywall That Feels Wet to the Touch

In the earliest stages of water damage, your drywall may not produce these odors since mold and mildew development may not have occurred yet. Still, that doesn’t mean that other issues are not present yet, and you can determine whether they are with a simple test: Just touch your drywall.

Naturally, if your drywall has become suffused with water, it’s going to feel wet and mushy to the touch. If your drywall feels this way, then you’re very close to dealing with the unsafe growths and rot mentioned previously. So, wet-feeling drywall should spur you into getting a repair ASAP.

Visible Signs of Bulging or Sagging

Sometimes, your water-damaged drywall saves you the unpleasantness of having to smell or feel to detect this damage. After all, water-infused drywall can make itself known with a visual cue -- this cue being visible signs of bulging or sagging that you can see on your walls.

At this point, your drywall’s water damage is likely to be pretty advanced. Still, that doesn’t mean you’ve lost all hope of making your Chicago home safe and attractive once more. Instead, you can call for a professional drywall repair that will remove the affected areas and, in turn, the dangers they present.

Get a Fast, Dependable Drywall Repair from Our Experienced Team

When water-damaged drywall becomes apparent, you’ll want to act quickly to get a high-quality repair. Of course, to get the highest-quality repair, you need to hire an experienced professional drywall company. For those of you living in the Chicago area, that company should be none other than Chicago Painters. We’ll work quickly to provide a quality drywall repair.