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Frequently Asked Questions For Chicago Painters

Q- I'm not sure on my colors yet, but I want to get on your schedule. Can I schedule the job now and get you the color selections later?
Yes, please email your color selections yet least 24 hours before your job starts to

Q- Can I pick colors from Home Depot, Lowe's, Menard's, or from other paint retailers?
Yes, you can pick colors from anywhere. We have most company's color formulas and we can match those colors into the paint we use. Make sure you provide the Color Name, Color Number, and the brand name the color is from.

Q- What kind of paint do you use?
We only use Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paints, we feel that these products offer the best quality and pricing. In buying cheap paint you run the risk of seriously bad results. Some include poor coverage in which one or two coats of paint won't do it and you'll need a third coat. Durability, cheaper paints won't hold up well to scuffs and stains and will have limited washability. Adhesion and bonding, you could run into peeling paints if the product is not up to par. Splatter, cheaper paints tend to be as thin as water so the roller will splat paint and a slight build up will cause drips and runs. So moral of the story- buy the paint we recommend, either on your own or through us, it's not worth the potential liability!

Q-How much does the paint cost?
For typical jobs, paint is $26-$29 per gallon (including tax). We get the paint at a discounted price and we guarantee that the paint we provide you is below retail cost. If you can find the paint cheaper, let us know so we can get it cheaper too!

Q-What do I need to do in preparation for the paint job?
Please have all fragile, sentimental, expensive, or breakable items (vases, picture frames, artwork, bathroom utensils, toothbrushes, kitchen utensils, cutting knives, toasters, clothes, mirrors, lamps, jewelry, glasses, etc.) stored away prior to Chicago Painters Inc arrival. Also have everything off the walls. There is an additional charge for this additional labor not included in your proposal if Chicago Painters is left to do this work.

Q: I'm worried that there will be additional charges that I don't know about?
All additional work requested/performed must have the consent of the customer with a pre-determined price and signed authorization for the work. Furthermore, we are well aware that nothing upsets a customer more that additional hidden or "mystery" charges. Our over all goal is for you to be happy with the price and work so you tell your friends and family about us, so we are very detailed and thorough about additional charges and all additional work must be approved by the customer beforehand.

Q- Do I have to take down my flat screen TV?
If you can do it, please do so. We will not take down the TV unless the customer is present. In most cases we can wrap it in plastic and tape it off using mini rollers to paint behind the TV.

Q- Do I have to pay for rollers, brushers or other tools?
NO. We will provide all TOOLS ( ladders, tarps, brushes, etc). The customer only pays for materials (tape, plastic, spackle, paint). All materials you are charged for are your property and we leave it on site for you.

Q- Who pays for parking ?
If it is metered or paid garage parking this is at the customers expense. We will provide receipts for reimbursement. Please expect up to 2 vehicles.

Q- What if the painter missed a spot or I notice a touch up?
You have 30 days to inform us and we will come back for one complimentary touch up session if needed. However, this does not apply for any damage after Chicago painters has completed the work.

Q- What time do you start?
We like to start in between 8-9AM, but we can start as early as 6:30-7:30AM. If you have a tight timeline in the morning to get to work, let us know so we can work around your schedule. After all we need you to make the bacon, so we can get paid!

Q- What are the painter's working hours?
We'll be onsite a minimum of 7 hours each day. In most cases, the painter's don't mind working a little later if you'll allow it, but we don't want to disrupt your evening routine so we try to go room by room so the majority of your house is still operating as normal.

Q- What room will you do first/last?
Whatever room you want us to. Just make sure you have yet least 2 rooms prepared for us each day.


After you've paid your deposit and submitted your job information, you can expect the following process from Chicago Painters Inc.

  • Chicago Painters will call you the night before your job to go over your job details with you. We will order and pick up your paint on the way to the job, we will call you when we're on the way.
  • Initial Walk through- An initial walk through with your crew chief is required to go over entry/exit instructions, specific color placement, parking details, working hours, and misc. details. Your crew chief will be your primary point of contact for your job, however feel free to contact our office if you have any other questions or concerns.
  • Final Walk through- Once your job is complete, your crew chief will contact you to schedule a final walk through to insure your satisfaction has been achieved. If you are unavailable to do the final walk through, you have a 30 day touch up period if you notice any touch ups or anything we missed. If there are any touch ups, please point them out at the time of the Final walk through as we will still have our tools onsite and easy access to the paint.
  • Pay remaining balance- The Balance is due the last day of the job, your crew chief will provide an invoice. You can pay your remaining balance with a credit/debit card on our website or you can pay with personal check or cash. Your crew chief will note reciept for payment on your invoice.
  • 30 Day touch up- Sometimes a paint job can be such a dramatic change that you might not notice a missed spot or a touch up that is required. You have a 30 day window to contact us to schedule your touch up.
  • Customer survey- All customers are emailed our 2 minute customer survey to get feedback on your job. If you are unsatisfied with us in any way, please let us know! We want to be the best painting company out there and we are always making modifications from suggestions from our customers. So please let us know if we could of done something better and inform us of your concerns. We never let customers leave unsatisfied and this is taken with the upmost importance in the company.